Sunday, March 8, 2009

Walking on sunshine for the first time in days

Please note: all photographs on here are the property of Kaytee Comee. They may not be used without permission.

For a long time, I was an admirer. I loved photographs -- all kinds -- nature shots, landscapes, still lifes, portraits, simple shots snapped of a street sign. But I never thought I could take cool photos. I was lucky if a photo wasn't blurry or didn't have my thumb in the frame and the subject was somewhat in the center. But sometime last year, armed with a Nikon D80, I thought I'd give it a try anyways. I promptly fell in love. And now I'm more than an admirer: I'm a doer. My photos are still sometimes blurry, and yes, I have more than one (or ten) photos where the edge of my thumb made it into the picture, but I'm slowly learning and growing and trying more. It's so exciting, trying to make the simple and the ordinary look beautiful, unique, and artistic. Even something as regular as, well, a picnic basket.


  1. what a wonderfully simple, yet happy image. i can't wait for picnics in the sun!

  2. Totally awesome, Kaytee! I'm really excited to see how your photography will bloom in the next 30 days...

  3. Kaytee, you're such an amazing photographer!!! And I think the picnic basket is pretty appropriate considering Easter is fast-approaching. :)