Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snail mail appreciation

Being in the middle of a New Hampshire forest, I'm always excited to receive mail from the outside world. Recently, I've been getting quite a bit! Halloween decorations, various goodies for upcoming friends' birthdays, and tissues because I'm sick ... thanks for the love, guys =)
Yesterday, I was thrilled to find the latest copy of my high school newspaper, The Winged Post, in my mailbox. They did a such a great job! You can see some of the articles online here.

This morning, I was so excited to pick up a package from a wonderful friend who mailed me a real pumpkin and Halloween candy!

In this age of email and online chatting, do you still send things by snail mail? What's the best bit of mail you've received lately?


  1. I love getting stuff in the mail! When I mentioned to Anthony that I missed eating Asian food (since western MA doesn't seem to have much of it) he promptly sent me a hugeeee package full of Asian snacks, complete with a bowl and chopsticks to eat ramen with! Yay :)

  2. Oh! And for the moon festival a while back, my uncle shipped me a package of mooncakes from Boston that his wife's sister had sent allllll the way from Taiwan. Those mooncakes sure did do quite a bit of traveling!!

  3. I send things to my daughter, and sometimes she sends things back. My latest package is a gift for my mother's birthday, and I'm thrilled it got here in time. It sounds like you have good friends.