Saturday, April 4, 2009

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Inspired by a really great self-portrait I found on the Shutter Sisters site, I decided to take some similar shots. It's an interesting take on the traditional 'shoot-yourself-while-looking-in-the-bathroom-mirror' photo.

Please note: all photographs on here are the property of Kaytee Comee. They may not be used without permission.

I was playing around with settings, and my aperture and shutter speed were ridiculously low - making for some very light and bright (bordering on washed-out) photos. Good photography? Not really. But it does it make for a kind of cool and ethereal look? Oh yes.

A vintage-y look to this one.

I fixed my settings so the background wouldn't be quite so blinding.

Self-portraits are surprisingly hard! I feel like there must be some sort of timer on my camera, but I can't for the life of me find it. So yes, for obvious reasons, it was definitely difficult trying to take a photo of myself in my car's side mirror while not looking through the lens. But it's also difficult to really think about your own self portrait. For me, it seemed natural to be holding a camera. But what would you be doing? Painting? Dancing? Cooking?


  1. what a wonderful series of images...I agree sp are a challenge ..but fun!

  2. hello gorgeous, i love the third picture; how did you take that one?!

  3. ah beautiful shots, and amazing aim, especially not even looking through the lens as you said!

  4. I would be holding the camera or in the kitchen cooking. I take a lot of photos of myself in the side mirror of the car when we're on a boring drive. My self-portrait is up in my photo album - it's a blur taken during a jumpy elevator ride.

  5. these are really great, kaytee!

  6. Great set of photos! You did a really good job!

  7. <3 I love Shutter Sisters and read it everyday! and yes lovely, there is a timer :P I am loving the photographs