Sunday, April 12, 2009

You're never too old to Easter egg hunt

Every year for Easter, my friends Courtney and Megan come over. Their mom makes the most amazing eggs, but this year, she decided to change it up. Instead of hunting for dozens of little plastic eggs, there was one big egg for each girl.

Please note: all photographs on here are the property of Kaytee Comee. They may not be used without permission.

I found my egg! After cracking them open, we realized we had all hit the jackpot. Inside the egg: $2 bills, movie tickets, lottery tickets, candy, and bunny-teeth-lollipops!

The bunny teeth were a hit.

Megan really got into her lottery ticket scratching.

Easter bunny Kit-Kat bars.

Not the most artistic post, but a fun account of an Easter with family and friends. Countdown to photo contest: 3 days.


  1. Kayteeee you are so pretty gargh I am stunned by your beauty.

  2. I second noel's comment! and you're especially gorgeous in the first pic <3

    LOL to the bunny-teeth-lollipops! i love them!

  3. Fun photos! Those blue eyes...Once again, your header is delicious. I'll say that every time I come here:)

  4. Oh how fun! Great captures!
    (shutter sisters)

  5. it's almost unfair that you're a photographer, since you're so photogenic!