Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kids portraits

Last week, I photographed Cooper and Addison, quite possibly the cutest little kids in the entire world. They also happen to be the children of Corey, an old friend and a fantastic hairdresser at Endz Salon in Los Gatos. If you ever need a haircut, go make an appointment with her!

Addy was so fun and easy to shoot, always smiling for the camera.

Cooper spent a while hammering away at a rock he found. He was so funny, telling me about his future plans: apparently, he intends to go to a college where people either study bugs or samurai swords.

Addy's such a little waterbug: Corey swung her over the pool so her feet skimmed the water. She couldn't get enough of it!

A great family photo (minus dad who wasn't there).

Corey has a necklace with her babies' names on it. What a great idea!


  1. your photos are always so candid!!!!! :)

  2. These photos are great! I especially Love the first one! And the mama's necklace is so wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love it.

  4. these are AMAZING!! possibly my favorite post yet :D i love taking pictures of little kids. they don't try and make themselves up like older people do, and they ALWAYS look great :)

  5. great great shots of these beauties !!!

  6. I LOVE THESE. soo adorable. awesome pictures !